Handle With Care

Handle With Care

Komiks pro všechny, kteří přemýšlejí o tom, jak se chovat k psychicky křehkým lidem, lidem, kteří mají dlouhodobě psychické problémy, anebo se zrovna ocitli v krizi. Křehké! Prosím, zacházejte opatrně.


The Comics manual for treating those who are mentally (or momentaly mentally :) fragile or who suffer from long term mental problems. It´s published in a recent edition of a street paper Nový Prostor and is available on the streets of czech towns sold by homeless pepople. Fragile, Handle With Care.


Text in bubbles: Fragile! Handle With Care! Dear small animals! Among you, on this complicated world there are living special, fragile animals. (the letter written by monkey). You can´t recognize them on a first sight – between those fragile animals can be one day anyone of us. And usually the strongest looking small animals are those who are the most fragile (Pitbull with a T-shirt saying I´m afraid that anyone would doubt me). The Locomotive: I got breath problems when I am supposed to go by subway. The letter: I am not going to the post office, I am afraid of these ladies behind counters. The small cucumber: I am not going there, there is so much people.


Other animals are usually very quick in making opinions about those fragile animals and they immediately know, what´s their problem and how it should be treated. The dog who´s eating his own sh*t: You should have had kids, so you wouldn´t have all these problems. The three legged cow: I think you shouldn´t work so much. The mouse with a tiger mask: It can´t be helped, you simply must continue in eating those pills. The ugly centipede: You take too much everything these days, do you feel worse? It depends also whether the small fragile animal wears trousers or a skirt. The trousers (arrow): It´s a hero, that he let the others help him! And he talks about his problems! Something really serious must have happened to him, let´s give him a carrot! The skirt (arrow): It´s only her fault. She can blame only herself. I have this sticker, will you please help me to place it? (sticker: „a hysterical woman“) So how these fragile animals should be treated? I. Try to get them to the place where they feel safe. II. It´s important to check if the animal doesn´t feel pain, cold, isn´t hungry or there aren´t any other physical conditions that worsen his or her mental state. III. The main tool (arrow to wooden boy´s heart) is in your basic equipment. You don´t need any special training to help anybody who is in poor mental condition, the „specialists“ do it just the same way. You don´t need any extra power or strenght. (the writing on an arm) All fragile animals can be helpes by listening to them patiently and carefully without trying to give an advice at first. Don´t push them into the situatiions that they are afraid of. Use your ears and listen, less speak. (the picture of an ear). Use your nodding muscles (the image of a robot at the down bottom af a page). And most importantly: do not forget that all of us are just a small and fragile animals. The end.

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