Comics workshop focuses on teaching the building blocks of reading and telling the stories in a visual way.
The kids will learn to draw their own comics in 60 minutes in a small group of 3.
For more information read the FAQ.

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What to Expect?

Toy Box is a Czech comics author and illustrator awarded with best comics book and best drawing prizes for her comics „Moje kniha Vinnetou“.  She was a official host of this year´s International Comics Festival in Stockholm. Together with Czech Centre in Stockholm she prepared a series of online drawing lessons for swedish kids.

What the lessons will be like?

Toy Box is having the very same lessons for czech kids at the moment, so the model is already well tested and we are sure it is working well. Toy Box will connect with three or four kids at the same time via skype to form a small creative group. After a short introduction about basic rules in comics we will choose a theme and start drawing. Toy Box is drawing at the same time the comics frames the kids are drawing and showing her way of solving different problems both in artistic expression and storytelling. The lecture by that means tends to be feel really informal and light spirited.

Why is learning comics beneficial to the kids?

Drawing a comics is not only artistic and creative endeavor, but needs a large amount of thinking in context and cause and effect estimation. Inventing the speech in speech bubbles and thoughts in thought bubbles is a both an excercise in empathy applied and supports the general literacy of its author. While trying to invent and tell stories that make sense the kids cultivate and develop the fine art of storytelling, one of the most ancient and still valued skills in the human history.

What do kids need?

The courage to create and the common school aids: A4 papers, pencils and erasers, thin and thick black markers or ballpoints, coloured pencils or coloured markers. Usually it´s up to them, what they like to use.

How the lesson will be organised?

We will connect every Tuesday from 17h (one lesson) and 18h (second lesson) for 60 minutes and every Thursday from 10h (one lesson) and 11h (second lesson) for 60 minutes via group conversation on Skype.

For how old kids are the lessons suitable?

The youngest kids that Toy Box teaches are 5 year old (and their parents are completing the bubbles for them, because they can´t write, but they can still tell and draw astonishing comics stories), the oldest are young adults around 25 years of age.