Project „Don’t mind us!“ for Médecins Sans Frontières

I was approached by Médecins Sans Frontières in the beginning of 2018 with an offer to create an exhibition in Prague’s Artwall gallery ( The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness to the issue of overlooked diseases, which have been the cause of deaths in developing countries. Because of the poverty of the affected, the pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to fund the research to cure these diseases. In cooperation with the communication department I have prepared a campaign based on illustrations depicting the diseases as demons. In addition I have created a calligraphy lettering using a special brush. We have created bags with prints and various other merchandise for the Médecins Sans Frontières shop. The campaign turned out to be a success – the Czech branch of the organisation even decided to use the project as an example for other divisions world-wide and Médecins Sans Frontières’ donors have agreed to support the cause.

Pavel Gruber

Cooperation with Toy_Box was simply great! She participated in the project basically pro bono, and nevertheless, she delivered everything in time and precisely as agreed. And the works are beautiful. I salute her ability to depict such an uneasy topic as overlooked diseased. She accomplished that absolutely and from the reactions we get, it works. Thanks!

Pavel Gruber

Director of Médecins Sans Frontières Czech


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